Thursday, January 18, 2007

 What reflections and connections can you make with this novel?

The Sawi tribes in the novel somewhat seems to reflect my life. I am born in a Christian setting, where my grandmother is a devoted Christian and she encourages my parents to attend church daily, Additionally, I am currently attending TCIS, a Christian school, where it holds meeting every Tuesdays to praise God. I, therefore, am exposed of Christian environment frequently and I hear the speakers’ powerful words spreading the words of God in every meetings. However, I guess my faith is not strong enough, because once I step out of the chapel room, regardless of how strong my determination, I’d always forget my commitment I made during the chapel room. Although, I try to place God as my first priority, very often, many barriers like school work, SAT, and other activities stands high between God and I. Likewise, the Sawi people had similar situation. They also were exposed to the Christian influence from Don Richardson, who attempted to spread the words of God, in best of his ability, apart from the fact that the language and culture was far different from one another. However, Don Richardson did succeed in constructing the building, a place to serve God. This showed how strong the faith of Sawi people were in trusting Don Richardson's words and enabled him to reach his goal, even though, they had much unfavorable situation than my situation. I hope from this novel, I would be inspired to place God as my first priority as Sawi people did by giving up their own traditional belief and fully devouting themsevles to God.


Dennis Kwon said...

Hong Yuan, I think you made a very insightful point that applies to many people in our school. Although many people are devoted to God, external factors seem to often obstruct our ability to fully serve God. For example, the condescendig attitudes of many people who disdain Christians as well as people who formulate cultures opposing Christianity seem to do this. Hopefully we can overcome these negative factors and portray and exemplify the Christian attitude many people seem to lose because of stresses such as the SATs. The delieation of this attitude can help us make the community around us more faithful.

hongyuan77 said...

Dennis zzzzz Thanks for your insightful commnet!! But I really don't know why but you are so funny zz. I love the way how you said "the condescendig attitudes" It sounds so smooth and i Guess You are practicing YOUR SAT WORDS! in your daily lives ! zz

alice said...

Hong yuan you are funnier kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Dennis Kwon said...

Yes i actually do try to increase my vocab skills by employing them in my everyday life! Why don't you also do so? It's a great habit.

hongyuan77 said...

hey! I also do it man! You want to hear?
so please don't portray, illustrate, demonstrate, depict, and...etc ...condesending attitude!

Anonymous said...


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