Thursday, January 18, 2007

 What concepts in the Sawi culture intregued / reviled / saddened / angered / surprised you?

The book vividly described the culture of the Sawi tribe and I realized that there was a huge gap between the culture of the Sawi and the culture of our world. The modern standards in our society view Cannibalism and polygamy as immoral but to them, it was part of their culture. My initial response to the Sawi’s “cultural” rituals was that these tribes are lawless society who does not have any principles that they abide by. However, as Don Richardson further explained the Sawi, I came to a conclusion that it was their oppressive environment filled with betraying cultures that made those practices a norm for their society. For instance, the concept of “feeding with friendship and consuming at the end” was typical concept that Sawi lived by; in fact, they praised those who betrays others. Thus, nobody could truly believe anyone with sincerity. On the other hand, our society enables us to entrust other people more openly. The surprising but relieving factor that Don Richardson mentioned was that although the Sawi cultures who are adopted in these treacherous and savage environments also had rules that they abide by. Apparent example of how Sawi adhered to their principles is portrayed in the exchange of peace child among the tribes. The Peace child symbolizes the ultimate peace among the tribes, and after the exchange of peace child, the qurrael and disputes that frequently led tribes to the verge of war submerged and each tribe kept their words by keeping harmony with each other. To me, this was relieving factor because it suggests that Sawi does follow rules once they accept them, which means that there is a greater possibility that they could accept “modern” society’s standards. Don Richardson successfully converting few Sawi people into Christianity is a living proof that Sawi abide by rules. Although, the process of Don Richardson trying to provide appropriate example of describing who the God is using Sawi culture, once the people accepted those “translation” of God into Sawi culture, they had faith in God. With their strong faith, they were able to build temples, a place to serve God.


Kira said...

Polygamy is still practiced in Mulism countries and with Mormons. WE betray our friends sometimes and especially in the political spheres betrayal has become a common practice. These aspects of Sawi does not seem to differ much from our world. WE are living in a concrete jungle and like the sawi our main interest is surviaval.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure but maybe its YOU yourself who betrays your friends
and maybe thats y u remain anonymous MARK. I think it would be better to moderate betrayal as human instincts.Maybe its just you who betrays but everybody DOES have human instincts, which can be many things. Betrayal in politicals may seem like a common practice but you seem to be depending on the negative side of everything. Sure, i dont see Don Richardson's mission as such a great thing, but you're taking this to a much greater extent.

It is most certain that the Sawi and we are living similarly, as we both depend on instincts to get us through life. But like you said. they ARE uncivilized and we are not.

Kyungmin said...

your post is very appealing to my beliefs. i believe that that the basic structures of our culture and that of the Sawi function differently. we have different standards of morality and immorality. we have different thoughts upon similar situations. and Kira, although our society still breeds ploygomy and betrayal, it does not happen as often or treacherous as the Sawi. Maybe your view is some what too radical to beleive that the Sawi have no difference with us. you should view a more positive view towards life.

L said...

Hey Kira.
You keep on saying things about surivival. But our world we have some standards of living that allows survival much more easier than the jungle. We have laws and orders that are to be obeyed strictly.We are creating an equal world.

Anonymous said...

u spelt survival wrong
just letting you know


African Globe Trotters. said...

I am glad Steve's thoughts and posts have such a large following! Good job! Mrs.Mc.