Sunday, March 11, 2007

Journal 13

October 1944
This chapter describes how the cold weather was directly affecting the prisoners in the camp in devastating manner. The approaching cold weather was like a death sign for them. Primo Levi, in the beginning of his life in concentration camp, had suffered through devastating winter, with temperature below freezing. In this freezing weather that seems to freeze even the brains of the prisoners, nothing but weakness, hunger, and knowledge of end dominated the minds of prisoners. However, the season was natural flow of the world that nobody had control of. Prisoners hated the approaching of the winter because of the devastating cold it brought; however, I thought some of the prisoners must have once liked the winter. The prisoners faced too many adversities that even the factors that they enjoyed once became the worst foe in their lives. This reminds me of the Boy Scout camp out. Before the camp out, I always liked the cool and refreshing breeze of the winter, and the beautiful snowflakes that covered everything in white blanket. However, the winter in Boy Scout camp out was dreadful experience for me. After the hard works in the morning and afternoon, I felt weak and hungry when it was time for us to sleep, in addition, the cold weather kept me from sleeping. I shriveled in the cold, but the winter did not pity me and it continued to pour freezing breezes inside our thin tents. After this experience, I still liked winter, but I became suspicious of this season that I always wear thick clothes whenever it’s winter. Thus, I believe the devastating adversities situation they were already in created an atmosphere that converted once joyful factor in their lives to be a devastating enemy that would kill them.
The prisoners are now appreciating in full of what they already have. The ration that they received was treated in most precious way that I was shameful that I sometimes throw away food in cafeteria. I guess it is just that I just haven’t suffered enough that allowed me to throw away the food. Thus, I learned how I should be more humble and be aware and thankful of my current position and try to help people who are unfortunate than I am.

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