Sunday, March 4, 2007

Jouranl 5

Our Nights
In chapter five, Primo Levi describes the feelings and emotions he had after coming back from restful period. In my opinion, Primo Levi’s experience in Ka-Be might have been emotionally discouraging, because after he had tasted the tenderness of restful periods and free from the worries of being selected, it would be hard to adapt again to the “hell-like” situations outside the Ka-Be. I had similar experience with Primo Levi during my mission trip. For me, Habitat Mission trip not only provided me with an opportunity to serve others, but also a time for me to enjoy personally. The mission trip was relaxing, without the pressure of school works and parents. However, , the first week of my school after returning from the trip went horrible, it was so hard for me to re-adjust to the school environments surrounded by paperwork and the pressure of catching the work up was terrible. For these kinds of reasons, I bet the experience in Ka-Be might have not been so helpful emotional wise, however, in physical sense, it might have been a great rest for his body.
In this chapter, Primo Levi continually mentions how hard the life is in the concentration camps without free will of actions. However, Primo Levi introduces Alberto again in this chapter. Alberto was kind of figure who had a lot of capabilities, along with that, popularity followed. He was a kind of figure who was welcomed even by the German soldiers. This suggested me that in life, acquiring witty and useful capabilities are essentials in life in order to adapt into any kind of environment. This lesson connects with me a lot, especially as the days for me to go to college draws nearer. Although I am attending international school, United States is fairly unfamiliar environment for me, so I need certain capabilities to grab people’s attention and adapt well to the unfamiliar environment, as Alberto did. Thus, I think growing special capabilities to catch people’s attention and interest is a thing for me to consider as it is useful in helping me to adjust into certain environments.

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