Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Auschwitz: Concentration camps

The movie evoked strong emotion in regarding my position toward the concentration camps. Originally, my perception of the concentration camps was simply an “oppressive” environment where many Jews and minority groups were massacred. However, as I watched the video, I trembled with horror as I realized how terrible the situations were in the camps, and my whole concept of concentration camps in my head was rewritten. The scene that shocked me the most was when numerous corpses were lying on the ground, a crane came up to “wipe out” the entire corpses into one big ditch. During the process, the bodies of the corpse were deteriorated to the point that I could not even tell whether it was a human body or not. During my career as a student, I concentrated in learning more about the political or government system in the era of massacres. For instance, as a student, I was always more interested in learning the policies of Hitler and how Nazi organizations have come to be a dominant political groups, because those are the facts that were necessary to gain credit in writing essays in the classes such as history and geography; However, I was more reluctant to look for my own benefit of how the people in the concentration camps lived because at that time, I thought that “chunk” of information is unnecessary as they are irrelevant to the grades that I receive. However, after the video, I learned some valuable lesson that there are sometimes cases that I need to pay more attention to other things rather than the grades that I receive in the class. I valued my grades in school over the stories of millions and millions people’s lives. From now on, I will remember the tragic event that had happen in Auschwitz, and I will do my best to evoke emotional appeals to people to prevent any similar situations in the future if there would be any.

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